Our financial analytics teams provide integration and analysis of client financial data. Our teams utilize industry-standard methodologies to determine mission performance and monetary accountability information within an organization.

Methodologies used currently include:

  • calculating return-on-investment (ROI)
  • ratio analysis
  • break-even analysis
  • preparation of cash flow
  • funds-flow statements
  • cost/benefit analysis

Our long-range defense planning team understands the importance of delivering timely financial analytics solutions for the successful performance of any business organization.

Services Offered

  • National security strategic planning and analysis
  • Long-range budget and resources forecasts
  • Defense business transformation studies
  • Affordability assessments
  • Defense economic analysis
  • Contract services spend & employment analysis
  • Defense acquisition and technology planning
  • Programming and budgetary analysis
  • Military strategies and force structure
  • Business enterprise transformation
  • Material readiness
  • Defense manpower
  • Defense infrastructure operations