The process of managing several related projects simultaneously can be difficult to control and taxing on your enterprise. Our information and program management teams assist clients to rapidly adopt enterprise information strategies. These strategies are able to provide new insights, improved operations, and increased responsiveness to project needs.

Most CIO’s are familiar with the following information management properties:

  • business intelligence
  • portals
  • content management
  • data management
  • architecture

A recently added property is integration. The awareness that these components must work together to serve a greater purpose. Organizations that are able to define clear goals, understand success, and then achieve it using strategic insight understand the full value information management can bring. Organizations can trust our teams to understand their information management needs and ensure success.

Federal Resources Corporation helps enterprises successfully navigate today's competitive markets and organizational challenges. Our teams leverage years of consulting expertise and industry accepted methodologies. FRC delivers this service through an integrated state-of-the-art ITIL®-certified service delivery framework.

Services Offered

  • Software Design and Development
  • Data Management
  • System/Solution Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Representative Clients and Services
  • Infrastructure inventory management, packaging, shipping, and repair
  • Sparing and maintenance of hardware and software
  • Inventory control system design and development
  • Emergency just-in-time sparing
  • Business Management
  • Quality Management
  • Acquisition and Contract Support