Jeremy Young 

Chief Executive Officer 

My mission is to make a positive impact, inspire, and drive outcomes based value to our organization and customer ecosystem. Currently, this is the fourth decade I have seen over my career working within the Technology and Public Sector community. My experience track has allowed me the opportunity to work in many different business models supporting various customer and technology verticals all over the world. Since the acquisition of Federal Resources Corporation in March of 2018, it has been my mission to build a valued company around people whose presence calls forth your best in every aspect of life, not just our careers. It is my mission to ensure our people, our engagement model, our strategy, are our key differentiators because we understand that spectators do not make the news and observers do not steer history.

That’s my mission. WHAT'S YOUR MISSION?

Scott Montgomery

Chief Technology Officer

I've designed and built information security and privacy software and appliances since I had brown hair, a long time ago.  Much of what I've built has been used by departments and agencies of the US federal government, and I've had the privilege and responsibility of consulting civilian, DoD and intelligence departments and agencies whose missions really matter to our country.  Years ago, I learned a lot about the word mission consulting a commander whose organization had suffered a breach.  What changed my approach was realizing that the commander only wanted to fulfill his mission and that my cybersecurity expertise wasn’t the point – it was critical to make him understand the impact of the breach upon his mission outcome.  In that one moment I changed the way that I briefed leaders, to ensure that I always approach the mission result and how our work together can positively impact it.  I decided to join FRC because of the importance of the word mission here at this company and among my teammates – they embrace this philosophy every day, and I’m proud to be in their number.

That's my mission. WHAT'S YOUR MISSION?

Sarn Bien-Aime

Chief Revenue Officer

My mission is to drive positive outcomes for customers. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the industry from systems integrator, vendor, managed services provider, reseller, and distributor perspectives over the course of my career.  Each of these opportunities contributed to shape an aggregate vision of what a Mission Focused Aggregator can be to our customers. I joined FRC for the opportunity to build a company that would apply the best aspects of these individual models to benefit our customers’ and partners’ missions.  We want to drive a different narrative and meet the needs of our customers throughout the IT lifecycle, stand behind our work and resolve issues so they are free to focus on their core mission – securing our way of life and national security.

That's my mission. WHAT'S YOUR MISSION?

Doug Campbell​

Chief Financial Officer 

My prior career in public accounting spanned 24 years where I traveled the world to support my clients across multiple sectors. I have supported small family owned businesses to Fortune 500 public companies navigate through the financial impacts of their transformation whether it be an acquisition or divestiture. I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Erie, PA and Jeremy’s drive and vision to build something special here drew me into the FRC family. My mission is to build a world-class finance organization that will adapt to and enable our growth strategy which in turn promotes more jobs and economic development in my hometown.

That's my mission.  WHAT'S YOUR MISSION?