The FRC team brings extensive and unique experience through past performance in the most challenging, often classified environments in the U.S. government and private sectors.  Leveraging industry best practices with experienced – PMP certified – Project Management staff, FRC tackles the parts of project management where problems routinely occur.  Our team is called on to navigate change management outcomes for the wider team and leverage modern technology to ensure the project management itself does not create undue burden to your team.  The result is a project management team that ensures project success – on time, on budget, meeting or exceeding your stated mission objective.

As the world and our working environments become increasingly busy and interconnected, ensuring technology efficiency and efficacy is critical to achieving our clients’ missions. With the number and types of connected devices in use and the amount of critical data growing expeditiously, state-sponsored and criminal adversaries increase their attention to our mission environments.  Preventing sensitive data from losses such as ransomware and unintended public disclosure is becoming more challenging. We value our broad industry partnerships and through them – as the industry’s premier contract aggregator – we identify and scale solutions that have longevity and flexibility for today’s cybersecurity demands.

Over FRC’s 20+ years of operations, we have provided exceptional mission support and performance as a prime and sub-contractor on a diverse portfolio of projects delivering solutions tailored to our customers. FRC works closely with many public, private, and federal agencies such as the Department of Defense, including the Defense Health Agency, Defense Information Systems Agency, all major Military Departments, and the Unified Combatant Commands; Defense Intelligence Agency; Department of State; Department of Health and Human Services; Social Security Administration; and GSA, among others.


    A robust cybersecurity strategy is vital to operating a business. FRC provides the most comprehensive package to protect against security threats and data breaches. Our deep understanding of which software and tools to address different cybersecurity vulnerabilities combined with our unique ability to aggregate and develop tailored integrations not only meet common and unique security requirements but make it possible for our customers to fortify their networks within their budgetary constraints. As Industry leaders in Mission Focused Aggregator, we make your mission our mission.


    As the only Mission Focused Aggregator, we implement the best strategies for your organization. We specialize in bringing together unique solutions, combining and integrating tools and technologies from one or more of our partners, making FRC your one-stop-shop for all your cybersecurity needs. Our partnerships and experience allow us to bring our customers a very personalized solution that works to enhance and improve upon current IT environments, while staying within budget.


    Our combined 60-plus years of experience sustaining mission support to federal agencies and private organizations is a key differentiator from our competitors.

    We often find that the IT staff either lack the cyber expertise and or manpower to complete these required assessments to ensure continues compliance and monitoring Failure to effectively assess, remediate and demonstrate compliance can lead to negative businesses and mission impacts.



    Never Trust, Always verify!

    The Never Trust – Always Verify approach protects the parameterless architecture that we design to reduce the uncertainty in enforcing accurate per request access decisions and information services.

  • Digital Transformation and Modernization (Security maturity)

    Assist organizations with contracting and consuming technologies and navigate the tradeoffs of ownership, security, and responsibilities while keeping mission success the primary goal. Infrastructure, platforms, software, applications, operating systems, and other technologies can be consumed as a service, without long term ownership.

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

    Federal Resources Corporation’s GRC-as-a-Service provides our customers a cost effective, clear roadmap with a tightly managed, three-phase project plan to assess and remediate your entire business environment to meet the current required standards and controls (ex. NIST 800-53/53a, NIST 800-171/171a, NIST 800-37, FISMA, GLBA). GRC-as-a-Service also provides our customers with a centralized repository to track, maintain and show compliance in a single pane of glass.

    Our team brings over 50-years of USG cybersecurity and regulatory compliance expertise to organizations looking to meet these complex goals without the experience and/or the bandwidth on local IT staff to accomplish these mandates.



    Creating solutions centered around controls for people, processes, or technology improvements, we specialize in understanding global cybersecurity threats. We provide expertise around these threats and optimize the best solutions needed to mitigate your enterprise risks.

  • Technology Rationalization and Management

    Management of infrastructure through our vendor partners to ensure client technology infrastructure is as efficient as it is designed to be. Optimal network operations are at the forefront of our mission aggregation


    Providing efficient risk management and solutions to continue business operations and continuity for all possible threats or challenges relying on data driven intelligence.


    Our Industry leading partner portfolio have designed Endpoint and network securities that includes management assessment and strategically designed Managed Security Services (MSSP) offering most advanced custom protection solutions to secure your enterprise.

  • Cyber Intelligence and Counterintelligence (Threat Intelligence)

    Prevent and mitigate attacks on technology threatened by outside sources and utilizing security monitoring and operations provided by vendor partners.


    Strategies that help identify security concerns in your systems and software you are currently operating. Evaluation and addressing these concerns will help develop or introduce software or services designed to protect your attack surface.


    With an increasing pressure on IT Departments to comply with regulatory guidance to protect access to resources, clients can no longer rely on manual processes to track user privileges. Our solutions automate and enable access controls and auditing of assets both on premises and in the cloud.

  • Big Data, Analytics & Artificial intel



    Combined technologies the reduce steps moving between platforms and syndicate relevant data into a single system.


    Continuous monitoring of threats, vulnerabilities, or compromises of client networks in real time and capability to exploit future threats.

    (Use Case – in development)

  • Emerging Technologies, Including IOT and Industrial Control Systems

    Emerging technologies are unrealized potential threats on different operating/control systems including devices, systems, networks and those controls that operate industrial process. Threat Intelligence and monitoring is the best defense against potential threats.


    Our vendor partners offer centralized IT teams who manage your external operations and mitigate threats to your infrastructure on a regular basis.


    In the event a client is breached, a Security Monitoring helps diminish this attack. We leverage technologies available to implement a plan designed for you and mitigate any damages with a remediation plan.


    Utilizing security operations through a Service Desk support system to provide technology support, guidance and solutions to your end users.


    Guidance on privacy policies explicit to your organization that defines your operating terms and the policies of who you conduct business with.  Aid organizations to ensure their mission of while designing and executing the systems that protect the data.