Our Mission Partners

Federal Resources Corporation goal is to align with the mission of its customers, and ensure that we eliminate obstacles, identify opportunities for improvement, and ensure mission success and sustainment.  





Many defense organizations are struggling with cyber, the fifth domain of warfare. Among our other modernization efforts, FRC assists defense organizations with improving their cyber defense, situational awareness and hygiene capabilities without creating mission risk or performance degradation.  




Healthcare organizations are modernizing to provide better care at lower costs.  Tele-health, e-records, digitization, and other technologies all help drive those goals, but also increase cyber and other information risks.  FRC modernizes healthcare organizations while mitigating the increased risk of information loss or misuse.




Many civilian government organizations struggle to stay up to date with the constant change of the information technology and cyber aspects of their mission.  FRC works with civilian organizations to modernize and employ technologies such as public cloud while keeping the costs and associated labor in line with mission priorities.




Private sector companies that interface with the government such as in the defense industrial base or healthcare providers or insurers are under increased scrutiny to ensure that they aren't compromising mission data or details.  FRC leverages solutions and processes built together with federal mission partners to help private sector companies meet their requirements as well.