ServiceNow digitizes siloed processes- connecting and automating them so that work flows

  • Modernize:
    Services and Operations on a single platform
  • Automize:
    Self-service for employees and AI-assist
  • Optimize:
    Identify improvements in people, processes, and compliance

Unifying Platforms in a
Single Platform

ServiceNow, a global technology powerhouse, is renowned for its cloud-based platform that reimagines the way organizations work. Federal agencies can now harness the power of ServiceNow’s cutting-edge digital workflow and automation capabilities through FRC’s expertise and tailored services.

We offer ServiceNow tailored specifically for Federal agencies. This transformative partnership revolutionizes the way government entities operate, delivering enhanced efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Behind every business outcome, there is a process that drives experiences. When you can take these processes and make them better, we inherently create better experiences.

  • Tailored Dashboards tailored for the HR Specialist, the HR Supervisor, HR Program Management, ISSO
  • 150+ HR services with email notifications, ticket routing, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Legacy data migration of active HR cases and cases closed within 60 days.
  • Automate Digital Workflows and functions such as “Moments that Matter” that impact an employee’s HR status (e.g., life events, promotions, etc.).
  • System integration via web services and API integration with the DOS Global Employment Management System (GEMS).
  • Agile Delivery – Peaking at 5 scrum teams, executing 2-week sprints.
  • Civil Service and Foreign Service Performance Management ServiceNow instance management and upgrades.
  • Organizational change management/enablement including podcasts, videos, email, webinars, and town halls.